Sunday, 16 September 2012

Windows 7 64bit Shutdown Button Reboots Computer

So I've recently installed a new SSD (Samsung 830 128GB) into my 4 month old Dell XPS 15 laptop (i7, 8GB ram) and seriously, wow! What an improvement! After re-installing Windows 7 64bit and all the updates it was ridiculous how good the machine was behaving!

All was well until I finally decided enough was enough and shut the machine down. This is where the trouble began.

The machine shut down correctly and powered off, all the lights switched off and all was well, until 1 second later it started itself back up! Windows started properly and I was very much confused. At least it was stupidly fast to boot up now! But I needed this fixed.

Monday, 16 January 2012

PHP Json Formatter with Zend Framework

I've been hunting the internet for a good Json Pretty Print for PHP when I finally discovered one right under my nose.

The purpose was to output Json in a human readable form, making it easier to see what data is being transferred through one of my projects.