Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Google Analytics Dashboard failed on blank screen with AdBlock Plus

In a recent post I mentioned that advertising on websites can be costly in terms of download bandwidth and CPU processing time. Particularly I have a little Samsung Netbook with a dual-core Atom processor, have an automated ad-blocking service is a must on that device in order for it to remain usable.

Even more recently I noticed my Google Analytics account stopped working and I could no longer log into the dashboard to view the statistics.

I had to find out more...

After having a search around it seems AdBlock Plus was blocking some important content needed to build the dashboard page.

Disabling the plugin for google.com fixed this and allowed me to get back into my Google Analytics Dashboard.

I'm happy again :-)

Moral of the story: If you're using an ad-blocking service and websites don't seem to work, try disabling that first just in case. With AdBlock Plus you can simply middle-click the "ADB" icon to disable it, middle click again to re-enable it.

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