Visual Studio Code Plugins

18 July 2020


Gnome Keyboard Shortcuts

04 May 2020

Just want to remember

Home Assistant

27 April 2020

Open source home automation

Delete All Videos from Youtube Playlist

13 April 2020

Remove all the videos from your playlist without clicking the delete button yourself.

Browser Extensions

03 April 2020

Making the internet more usable

Geany missing underscore

28 March 2020

so Geany (text editor) is refusing to show the underscore character

Electro Swing

28 March 2020

Electro Swing!

COVID-19 personal links

01 March 2020

Stay on top of the data

Raspberry Pi

11 February 2020

My current home server

Berlin Germany 2020

02 February 2020

Back to Europe!

Solar Table

01 March 2018

I had a spare 175w solar panel, turn it into an outdoor table which supplies power

Monitoring Domain Name Expiry with Nagios / Icinga

06 January 2016

Want to know when your domain names are due for renewal?

Gold Coast Australia 2015

15 September 2015

Time to try Australia

Upgrade SSD without re-installing Windows

13 August 2014

Reinstalling is a pain, there must be a better way.

Newcastle UK 2014

01 January 2014

Got a job at Reflections (Ubisoft)

Moshi Monsters Village

01 July 2013

Tina Timelapse

08 June 2013

Long duration (3 day) time-lapse photography on Android with Tina Timelapse

Funpark Friends

01 September 2011

And so it begins..

14 August 2011

Early experiments in wordpress

Dundee UK 2011

01 January 2011

Moving closer to work

Tag Games Limited

06 December 2010

Edinburgh UK 2010

01 January 2010

Time for some Scottish fun

London UK 2009

15 January 2009

Flying to UK/Europe for the first time