Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Energy Tracking

01 August 2023 #technology #energy

Finding out how energy is generated in realtime.

Returning to RSS

18 June 2022 #technology #rss #opml

Many years ago would allow you to have subscriptions sorted by a category. This is long since gone.

Visual Studio Code Plugins

18 July 2020 #technology #code #vscode


Gnome Keyboard Shortcuts

04 May 2020 #technology #gnome

Just want to remember

Home Assistant

27 April 2020 #projects #technology #energy #makers #tasmota #homeassistant #raspberry-pi

Open source home automation

Delete All Videos from Youtube Playlist

13 April 2020 #technology #youtube

Remove all the videos from your playlist without clicking the delete button yourself.

Browser Extensions

03 April 2020 #technology #firefox #chrome #browsers

Making the internet more usable

Geany missing underscore

28 March 2020 #technology #geany

so Geany (text editor) is refusing to show the underscore character

Raspberry Pi

11 February 2020 #technology #raspberry-pi

My current home server

Solar Table

01 March 2018 #energy #makers #projects #solar #technology

I had a spare 175w solar panel, turn it into an outdoor table which supplies power

Zend Framework OAuth Provider

22 January 2016 #technology

I keep stumbling into OAuth every day now, in my efforts to learn how it works I’ve decided to create an OAuth Provider and integrate it into my Zend Framework Application.

Monitoring Domain Name Expiry with Nagios / Icinga

06 January 2016 #technology #monitoring #dns

Want to know when your domain names are due for renewal?

Upgrade SSD without re-installing Windows

13 August 2014 #technology #ubuntu #linux #windows

Reinstalling is a pain, there must be a better way.

pt-query-digest on Windows (Percona Toolkit)

29 July 2014 #technology #linux #windows #mysql #cygwin

At my current job I am forced to use Windows 7 and do not have access to a Linux virtual machine (I would prefer to use VirtualBox running Ubuntu on my local machine for access to Linux tools).

Tina Timelapse

08 June 2013 #technology #android #photography #timelapse

Long duration (3 day) time-lapse photography on Android with Tina Timelapse

Bootstrap by Twitter front-end framework

20 May 2013 #technology #twitter #bootstrap #css

Ok, I’m sold. I’ll be switching my projects over slowly, I’ve already started with and an administration panel. Will be switching my companys tools over as well!

How to use your Android phone in a foreign country

18 May 2013 #travel #technology

Smartphones are the best thing since, well, I don’t know when but damn are they handy!

How advertising is killing the internet

18 May 2013 #technology #advertising

Recently I have become increasingly annoyed at advertising on the internet.

Zend View "Setting private or protected class members is not allowed"

16 February 2013 #technology

Zend View, Partial and the dreaded “Setting private or protected class members is not allowed”.

Using Amazon Mechanical Turk outside of the US

02 February 2013 #technology

I’ve been looking at ways of using reputable crowdsourcing services from within the UK. There are a few around, however I’ve always wanted to use Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). I first learned about MTurk when the company I work for was visited by the guys at Amazon Web Services (AWS), they discussed it as one of their many AWS offerings and had quite a funny story about a CEO of a company working as a Worker on MTurk while he exercised (don’t ask how). My partner then started using it as a Worker just for fun when I realised I have a project which could do with some large scale collaborative effort.

Windows 7 64bit Shutdown Button Reboots Computer

16 September 2012 #technology #ubuntu #linux #windows

So I’ve recently installed a new SSD (Samsung 830 128GB) into my 4 month old Dell XPS 15 laptop (i7, 8GB ram) and seriously, wow! What an improvement! After re-installing Windows 7 64bit and all the updates it was ridiculous how good the machine was behaving!

PHP Json Formatter with Zend Framework

16 January 2012 #technology

I’ve been hunting the internet for a good Json Pretty Print for PHP when I finally discovered one right under my nose.

Amazon EC2 Instances and the t1.micro

22 November 2011 #technology #linux #aws #ec2

I’ve looked at the Amazon EC2 Instance Types and spotted the t1.micro. An interesting beast - at the time of writing it has 2 compute units (burstable), half a GB of RAM and as much disk space as you can throw at it with Amazon EBS.

And so it begins..

14 August 2011 #technology

Early experiments in wordpress